Download NCEP predictor variables for the period 1948 to 2017 from here.
Note: No GCM predictors are needed for SDSM-DC.
Enter either latitude/longitude data; OR a filename - not both.
For latitude - enter either a value for north or south (not both).
Latitude/longitude should be entered as decimal degrees (for example 42.72 or 43) - not degrees and minutes.

Longitude East (0 to 360)

Latitude North (0 to 86.24)

or Latitude South (0.01 to 86.24)




Filename is case sensitive and should include the full name including the extension - for example,

Definitions sheet for SDSM predictors available by clicking here.

CMIP6 ensemble of daily predictor variables (courtesy of Government of Canada):
Please note that the line endings of this dataset must be converted from UNIX to DOS prior to use with SDSM software.


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