This page provides the manuals, SDSM references and various support links and tips.


Click here for the 5.2 Supplementary Manual.

Original manual here.

Primer - March 2015

The SDSM Primer - which explains the step-by-step development of daily temperature and precipitation scenarios is available here.

Training Videos

SDSM training videos developed through the course of the EU EXtremeClimTwin project:

Statistical downscaling and generation of climate extremes (7 October 2021) - click here.

Temporal scaling of sub-daily extreme rainfall (28 February 2022) - click here.


Bibliography of SDSM applications (last updated December 2016) - download a PDF version of this list by clicking here.

Recommended Papers

Recommended SDSM papers on adaptation and decision support.
The pdf document - available here - provides a list of papers that are highly recommended because they fulfil the often stated brief of downscaling to provide information about future climate risks and adaptation outcomes at the local scale. For convenience, these papers have been grouped by sector of interest. Please let us know if you are aware of other studies like these, especially for missed sectors.


Regional Settings

A small number of problems have been reported by users (for example, SDSM cannot read dates correctly, models produce a series of zeros etc.). These problems have been caused by the Regional Settings of the user's computer and readjusting these settings can solve many of these problems.

In order to set the Regional Settings of your computer so they are compatible with SDSM, select Start / Settings / Control Panel. Select Regional Settings within this sub menu. Depending on your system you should be able to set both Number and Date within this control panel.

Dates should be set to 'English style' which has the Short date style: dd/MM/yyyy. The Date separator should be set to / (forward slash), and the Long date style to: dddd, dd MMMM, yyyy.

Numbers, set:

  • Decimal symbol to . (full stop)
  • Digit grouping symbol to , (comma)
  • No. of digits in group to 3
  • List separator to , (comma)


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