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  • SDSM (Statistical DownScaling Model) is a decision support tool for assessing local climate change impacts using a robust statistical downscaling technique.
  • SDSM facilitates the rapid development of multiple, low-cost, single-site scenarios of daily surface weather variables under current and future regional climate forcing.
  • Additionally, the software performs ancillary tasks of predictor variable pre-screening, model calibration, basic diagnostic testing, statistical analyses and graphing of climate data.

Climate Dynamics Paper - Published 2022

Download a copy of the paper here.

Sustainability and Climate Change - 2022

Download a copy of presentation here.

SDSM 6.1 - December 2021

New features added - Method of Moments; additional stats.

SDSM 5.3 - 17 August 2018

New features added - Intensity Duration Frequency Curve Plotting in Frequency Analysis.

NCEP predictor variables - June 2018

Extended to now cover 1948 - 2017 - see the DATA page.

NCEP predictor variables - July 2016

Are now available from this site for the period 1948 - 2015 - see the DATA page. New predictors added to the March 2015 data set -

[1] Surface lifted index - ncep_lftx.dat
[2] Potential temperature - ncep_pottmp.dat
[3] Precipitable water - ncep_pr_wtr.dat

SDSM 5.2 - 3 December 2015

Minor bug removed from calibrate.

SDSM 5.2 - 15 September 2015

Minor change to allow SDSM to recognise solar radiation files.

SDSM 5.2 Released - 6 March 2015

New version of SDSM released - see the SOFTWARE page.

NCEP predictor variables - March 2015

Are now available from this site for the period 1948 - 2014 - see the DATA page.

Latest Publication by the authors – November 2014

The Statistical DownScaling Model - Decision Centric (SDSM-DC): conceptual basis and applications- in Climate Research - here.

Sample data for SDSM-DC – July 2014

Sample data set to support recent paper - The Statistical DownScaling Model – Decision Centric 1 (SDSM-DC): Conceptual basis and applications - download here.

SDSM 5.1.1 released - January 2013

We are pleased to announce the release of the latest version: Statistical Downscaling Model – Decision Centric (SDSM-DC). Please go to the software page to download the latest version.

Latest publication by the authors:

The Statistical DownScaling Model: insights from one decade of application

FA Graphical and FA Tabular Analysis

There is a known error that sometimes occurs with the FA Tabular and FA Graphical options under Frequency Analysis. During this operation SDSM attempts to write data to a file on the computer's C: drive. If you are logged on to a shared machine (in a lab, for example) and do not have write access to the C: drive, the FA Tabular and FA Graphical options will fail.

Windows Vista - important

There appear to be some minor errors when running SDSM under Windows Vista. SDSM has been tested and works with earlier versions of Windows (XP, NT etc).

Breaking News - 26 October 2011

SDSM 4.2.9 released (changes to accreditation and contact details; changes to Quality Control). Please go to the Software page to download this latest version and the manual, and Blogsville for the latest sample data set. References also updated.

Breaking News - 6 October 2011

New link for predictors available at:

Environment Canada

Breaking News - 27 July 2011

SDSM 4.2.7 released (minor bug fixes over earlier editions).

Breaking News - 30 April 2007

SDSM 4.1 released. .

Breaking News - 9 September 2004

Please note the following key link has been added to the 'Guidance Document on the Use of Statistical Downscaling in Climate Scenario Production for Impact Assessment' - available from:

Breaking News - 26 July 2004

Please be advised that the Canadian Institute for Climate Studies (CICS) has recently created a web-site from which it is possible to acquire SDSM training data (NCEP), and climate model output (CGCM1) for grid-points covering all land areas. You can download SDSM predictor variables for 1961-90, 2020s, 2050s and 2080s by simply registering at the following site (only requires an e-mail address):

No Longer Available

CICS intend to provide SDSM predictor variables for other climate models in due course. This will pave the way for some very interesting research comparing statistically downscaled scenarios arising from different driving GCMs....

Key Links

Guidance Document on the Use of Statistical Downscaling in Climate Scenario Production for Impact Assessment - click here.

Key Publications

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